Company History

How it began.

In the 1980s, four gentlemen from diverse backgrounds came together to form a company that has since changed agriculture. Gary Zimmer was a farmer, teacher, and agricultural consultant. Don Gilbertson was a farmer with military organizational experience. Fred Kurschner was a businessman with a strong background in agricultural marketing. And Don Faber was a businessman who’d traveled the world and believed in the concepts of agriculture that Gary was advocating.

Zimmer, Gilbertson, and Kurschner had already been partners in an agricultural company that focused on composting. But they soon realized that farmers wanted and needed to know much more about farming methods that focused on healthy, balanced soils serving as the basis for healthy crops, healthy livestock, and healthy, successful farms.

In 1984, it all came together with the creation of Midwestern BioAg, an agricultural consulting company with supporting products. Don Faber joined the other three partners, and a new day was born in agriculture.

We’re headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and have seen three decades of continued growth and expansion. We supply a wide range of quality products for biological and organic farmers. And we’re a business recognized as a groundbreaking force in the world of biological agriculture — an approach based on understanding and improving soils for successful, profitable agriculture.