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From the Ground Up: Fall 2015

For a printable version, click here.   Improving Dairy Profitability By Mary Pohlman, Staff Writer Milk prices are low, but to improve dairy farm margins in challenging times, dairies should look “lower” to improve profitability — all the way down to the ground, according to Midwestern BioAg Director of Nutrition Dave Meidl. “If you grow your own forages,” says Meidl, “we can help you improve profitability by building a fertility plan to grow a better quality, higher-yielding crop. There’s a […]

From the Ground Up: Summer 2015

For a printable version, click here.   Building Yields, Soil Health By Mary Pohlman Twenty-five years ago, when Gary Manternach first began working with Midwestern BioAg, few would have predicted that topics like sulfur, calcium, micronutrients, and soil biology would be a vital part of mainstream agriculture today. “The whole industry is talking sulfur now,” notes Manternach as an example. “You can’t open up a magazine without reading about biology.” Today, Manternach successfully farms his Iowa silt-loam acres by focusing […]

From the Ground Up: Spring 2015

For a printable version, click here.   Growing Champion Forages By Jan Shepel, Correspondent Todd Schroeder set a goal to win the World Dairy Expo’s Forage Analysis Superbowl contest in 10 years. With the help of the Midwestern BioAg soil fertility program and his sales consultant Travis Klinkner, Schroeder achieved that goal last fall. It took the Cashton, Wisconsin, farmer only a few years. In last year’s contest, the cash crop and beef farmer won the Grand Champion prize for […]

From the Ground Up: Winter 2015

For a printable version, click here.   From the Desk of Gary Zimmer Midwestern BioAg President My first book, “The Biological Farmer,” came out 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve met hundreds of farmers as I traveled the world in search of innovative biological farming practices and ideas. I’ve spoken with farmers of many different agricultural backgrounds about a variety of topics, including soils, crops, livestock, land, management, and natural resources. What makes biological farming work? Essentially, support of biological […]

From The Ground Up: Fall 2014

For A Printable Version Click Here   Profitable practices are the bottom line By Mary Pohlman, MBA Communications Specialist What’s profitable? That’s the question that drives decision making for Bill Ehrlinger, a southern Wisconsin farmer with 1200 acres of corn and soybeans. He considers the price of purchased inputs not just what he pays today, but also the long term costs  of products and practices, understanding that what he does this year can keep his land profitable and productive in […]

From The Ground Up: Summer 2014

For A Printable Version Click Here From The Desk of Gary Zimmer Dear Farmer/Agribusinessman, Field Day is coming up soon; the third Tuesday in August this year is the 19th. Also this year we are back to doing a one day, all day event. Field Day is a celebration of biological agriculture and also a time to show you our farm and farming practices.Otter Creek Organic Farm, my family’s farm, has been in operation since the early 90’s or about 20 years ago. […]

From The Ground Up: Spring 2014

Click Here For a Printable Version of the Spring 2014 Newsletter   Bryan Lips farm story: “It’s all about getting your fertility right” By Mary Pohlman, Communications Specialist “Profitability.” That’s the most important thing Midwestern BioAg has brought to the Fairibault, MN farming operation of Bryan and Tammy Lips, says Bryan.Balanced soils, good fertility, and diverse rotations including cover crops and green manure crops are among the biological farming tools Bryan has been using for the past eight years on […]

From The Ground Up: Winter 2013

Printable Version of Winter Newsletter TomBeth Farms: A Winner With BioAg By Mary Pohlman, Communications Specialist Quality matters to the Tom and Beth Kearns family of TomBeth Farms of Seneca, WI. Their homegrown feeds support a herd of 125-head of high quality cattle (seven newly scored Excellents among their registered Holstein cows raised the herd total to over twenty; one-third of their cattle are descended from Tom-Beth Jolt Erin, a 14 year old cow scored EX-94 with a 95-scored udder and over 300,000 lbs of lifetime […]

From The Ground Up: Summer 2013

Time to start thinking about Cover Crops By Jeff Gunderson, Staff Agronomist  As wheat harvest wraps up in the Midwest it’s time to start thinking about cover crops. The window between wheat or corn silage harvest and the end of the growing season can be a favorable time to establish a cover crop, but it is important to plan ahead and consider your options before moving forward. Cover crops can help to contribute, retain and efficiently cycle nutrients, suppress weeds, protect […]

From The Ground Up: Spring 2013

From the Desk of Gary Zimmer, President Dear farmer agribusiness person, Spring is here again. Thanks to everyone who attended our winter meetings and visited with us at all the farm shows. We are certainly looking at a large growth in our business. Now that land costs are so expensive, inputs are really high and prices, too, we as farmers get paid well (unless you’re buying). You can’t afford to let soil fertility be your limiting factor. I heard that over and […]