Pelletized Calcium & Humates for Improved Nutrient Uptake

HumaCal® is a natural source of calcium that contains humates, calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate. It provides a complexed form of calcium and sulfur in sulfate form. Sulfate sulfur is the only plant-available form of sulfur, and unlike elemental sulfur, it will not acidify soil. HumaCal is OMRI-listed for use on organic farms.

Product Characteristics

Plant-Available Calcium: The calcium in HumaCal helps stimulate root growth and biological activity, and improves nutrient uptake.

Sulfate Sulfur: HumaCal contains sulfate sulfur, which is necessary for plant protein formation. Sulfur can increase crop yields and quality, and result in large returns to producers.

Improved Soil Structure: The calcium and humates in HumaCal can help build organic matter and reduce soil compaction.

Better Nutrient Uptake: Humates also support plant uptake of soil nutrients, especially phos-phorus, iron, zinc and boron. Humates can also increase soil cation exchange capacity to improve nutrient-holding capacity and reduce leaching.

Easily Incorporated: HumaCal is pelletized, making it easy to blend with other products. We recommend combining HumaCal with other NPK sources to improve nutrient availability to the plant.