What makes a quality fertilizer? We believe that fertilizer quality is more important than the NPK numbers on the tag. A high quality fertilizer is one that is balanced, friendly to soil life, combines soluble and slow release, and has the proper pH. We carefully select the ingredients to meet these standards, and to provide the most benefit for your fertilizer dollar.


Custom Blends

Blends that are tailor fit to your individual needs to help you address your limiting factors in…
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Standard Blends

There are four key aspects that define a quality fertilizer. Balance A quality fertilizer should have a…
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L-CBF 10-14-1

L-CBF 10-14-1 is a liquid, carbon-based N-P-K fertilizer derived from pure Louisiana sugar cane molasses and quality…
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L-CBF Boost™

L-CBF Boost™ is a molasses-based carbon additive designed to improve the efficiency and performance of your liquid…
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L-CBF Terra Fed™ 1-0-3 Organic

Terra Fed™ 1-0-3 is a liquid, carbon-based fertilizer derived from pure Louisiana sugar cane. Terra Fed™ 1-0-3…
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RootSurge® is formulated to help stimulate root elongation early in the season. When added to our L-CBF…
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