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All seed lines are subject to production and weather influences. On occasion it may be necessary to substitute product or seed size.

MBA Brand Seed

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MBA Forage Guide

Our line of MBA forages is highlighted in this Forage Guide Alfalfa High Quality Forage Blends Clovers

MBA Goliath Alfalfa

A high yielding, persistent alfalfa, using StandFast™ technology Non-GMO. 

Goliath will mature 3-5 days earlier than conventional…
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MBA WinterKing II Alfalfa

Productive alfalfa with excellent feed quality and tonnage. The next generation of Midwestern BioAg alfalfa varieties, MBA…
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Silage Product Line

Midwestern BioAg’s corn silage hybrids are selected for traits that benefit the cow as well as the…
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HQF Grass Blends

Different forages for different needs. Midwestern BioAg has three exclusive HQF blends designed to provide different forages in different situations to meet farmers' varying needs.

HQF Dry Hay

Designed for dry hay production, it can also be made for silage and baleage. This blend includes…
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HQF Dry Tolerant Pasture

A mix of tall fescue, meadow fescue perennial ryegrass, and timothy. This blend gives summer production while…
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HQF Hi-Energy Pasture

A blend of the most digestible grasses available. Great for milk production as well as putting pounds…
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Clovers includes Impact II and Exclusive brand seed.

Exclusive (Ladino) Clover

Midwestern BioAg’s own high yielding, persistent ladino clover developed in the upper Midwest. A true large leaf…
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Impact II (Red Clover)

Adapted for the Midwest. Semi-erect to erect plant type with resistance to powdery mildew and common crown…
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Industry Seed Partners

In addition to the many Midwestern BioAg branded products, we work with these leading industry partners in order to provide the highest quality, proven seed genetics to meet your specific requirements.

Blue River Hybrids

Blue River Hybrids offers seed especially grown and conditioned for organic farmers and is well positioned to…
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Legacy Seed

Legacy Seeds, “The Back-to-Basics Seed Company” is MBA’s premier partner in supplying highly digestible “leafy” silage corn…
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Master’s Choice

Masters Choice has a full lineup of hybrids to meet the needs of individual corn growers. Our…
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Prairie Creek Seed

Prairie Creek Seed offers more than just seed selection, we offer experience in management and selection of…
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