L-CBF Product Trials 2013

To see the results of our 2013 Product Trials Click on the attachments below. L-CBF Products Trial Overview L-CBF On Farm Trial: Alfalfa Wisconsin 2 L-CBF Terra Fed On Farm Trial: Corn Wisconsin L-CBF Terra Fed On Farm Trial: Corn Iowa L-CBF On Farm Trial: Soybeans Minnesota L-CBF On Farm Trial: Peppers L-CBF On Farm Trial: Corn Illinois L-CBF On Farm Trial: Corn Wisconsin L-CBF On Farm Trial: Alfalfa Wisconsin

HumaCal Benefits Potato Program

Wally Gerst, CCA, Advanced Agricultural Services LLC, has researched the benefits of HumaCal®: “I have found HumaCal to be very effective in our fertilizer programs as a good source of plant available calcium. In addition our tests have shown when blending it with other fertilizer materials, there are additional benefits of increased uptake of many other essential nutrients particularly nitrogen and phosphorus. “In testing treated vs. control areas in potato production, laboratory analysis revealed over 50% increase in calcium levels […]

TerraFed stimulates soil

TerraFed is a unique product developed to enhance your current organic fertilizer program, and it meets all NOP guidelines for use on organic farms. TerraFed 1-0-4 is a Liquid Carbon Based Product derived from pure Louisiana Sugar Cane. TerraFed 1-0-4 is a source of quality plant nutrients in a base of cane molasses. TerraFed stimulates soil biology to help warm soils in early spring and get nutrients cycling in the soil. TerraFed can be used as a stand-alone starter on […]