TerraNu Nutrient Technology™

Nutrients in a Manure Matrix for Better Coverage & Improved Uptake

TerraNu fertilizers deliver essential nutrients in a manure matrix for enhanced fertilizer performance and more root exchange sites. Using TerraNu Nutrient Technology™, nutrients are infused into a manure base granulated for precise, uniform application. Nutrients in TerraNu fertilizers are bound to manure, so they are easily pulled into the soil biology, allowing for immediate and season-long availability. 

Sustainability Defined: Closing the Loop

TerraNu Nutrient Technology gives crop producers easy access to manure-based nutrients from dairy farms, closing the nutrient imbalance in American farming. This advanced manufacturing process infuses NPK and key micronutrients into a manure base granulated for precise, uniform application. In addition to giving more farms access to the important nutrient value of manure, it can also alleviate nutrient overloading from excess manure application and the water quality challenges that can follow.

The result offers many of the benefits of manure without the application challenges. It’s easier to transport, use and store, and is engineered to offer season-long nutrient uptake.

From Manure to Precision Ag

TerraNu fertilizers start out as manure from 12 Indiana dairies. Using TerraNu Nutrient Technology™, we transform it into a precision nutrient delivery system.

  • Digested. Manure is sent to an anaerobic digester. In the digester, microorganisms break down the material in a manner similar to a cow’s rumen.
  • Water re-use. Solid materials are extracted, leaving water clean enough to use as irrigation on the farms.
  • Nutrient-rich core for better soil health. The solids are made mostly of decomposed biological matter, infused with key nutrients. This becomes food for living microbes when applied and pulls nutrients into the soil food chain, making them more plant available.
  • Nutrients added. Nutrients are added to the mix, resulting in a balanced plant nutrient source that also stimulates soil life.
  • Uniform application. Our unique drying and granulating process ensures each fertilizer granule has the exact same nutrient analysis. What starts as manure is now a precision-ag fertilizer.

The result offers many of the benefits of manure without the application challenges. It’s easier to transport, use and store. TerraNu is consistent, and is built to offer season-long nutrient uptake.

Easy to Handle & Apply

Liquid manure provides many of the nutrients needed to support plant growth. It can also increase soil organic matter by building carbon levels in the field.
However, hauling manure more than a few miles from the farm can be difficult and expensive. While it can be useful when spread in the right amounts, over-application can lead to environmental problems, including the leaching of phosphorous and nitrogen into water supplies.

TerraNu Nutrient Technology provides a solution to the handling challenges of manure application. The process transforms liquid manure into a uniform, granulated fertilizer that can be shipped inexpensively, easily blended and precisely applied.


TerraNu MicroPack is one of the most efficient and effective micronutrient fertilizers on the market. Beyond NPK, TerraNu MicroPack supplies eight additional nutrients infused into a granulated manure base for precise, uniform application. For complete crop nutrition, add TerraNu MicroPack to your fertilizer blend to maximize your crop's yield potential.

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TerraNu Ignite delivers NPK and other essential nutrients in a manure base to improve nutrient efficiency and performance. Every granule of TerraNu Ignite carries a guaranteed nutrient analysis for uniform application in the field. Add TerraNu Ignite to your fertilizer program to increase nutrient uptake efficiency and reduce loss from leaching.

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TerraNu Calcium is the next generation of calcium and sulfur crop nutrition. TerraNu Calcium blends calcium, sulfur and other essential nutrients into a manure base that is granulated for precise, uniform application. Apply TerraNu Calcium for improved nutrient uptake, increased soil biological activity and improved crop yields.

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