New Tools for Your Animal Nutrition Toolbox

New Product: KuroCal GH™

This year has been another stressful crop growing season. As feed samples come in we are seeing a very wide range of quality, certainly impacted by the weather. Challenging growing conditions have caused molds and mycotoxins to once again become an issue.

Mold spores are found in both crop residues and soil where they can infect growing plants and stored feed. Mycotoxins are byproducts of mold growth and are often found in moldy feed—just because you don’t see mold does not mean …

Are Your Forages the Best They Can Be?

Now that your 2014 forages are harvested it is a good time for you and your consultant to evaluate them and your ration.
What are we seeing this fall?  There are some reports of this year’s Corn Silage feeding better (more digestible) than the 2013 crop with a 2-3 lb. bump in milk production with higher yields in general. This is causing some farms to feed leftover 2013 silage to low group cows and the 2014 crop to higher production cows.

Optimizing Forage Production in 2014

Now that harvest is over and your animals are getting a consistent feed supply for their winter ration, it is a good time to review and evaluate your 2013 forage production with your consultant. Your forage sample test results are your report card along with your yield data. Did you get the yield and quality needed to provide enough consistent high quality forage to optimize production and profitability? If you did, Great! Good Job! You probably have a pretty good idea of what you need to …

Feed Inventory, Do You Have Enough?

Now is a very good time to evaluate what you have and what you still need to put in storage to make it through this next year. Due to the drought of 2012, wide spread winter-kill this spring, wet conditions for planting corn and low carry-over  of feed inventories have left some challenging situations. Due to these variables harvesting the same amount of acres for a certain forage does not work. Also harvesting, storage and feed out shrink must be taken into account.

Are You Ready to Put Cows on Pasture?

I think we are all ready to see green grass and be done with winter. But are our pastures ready? Now before the ground thaws (unless sloped) is a good time to fertilize or apply soil correctives to the paddocks that didn’t get tended to last fall. It is time to check fences,  and as it warms and greens up, water lines, lane condition and pasture stand. Evaluate the stand, how did it come through the drought and winter?

New Nutrition Products from Midwestern BioAg

With the changes that have come due to the weather and agriculture economics, Midwestern BioAg wants to be proactive with product offerings that are put together with high quality ingredients that provide a positive economic value to your farm.
Three new milk replacers:
1. BioBaby 20/20 All Milk Non Medicated with Probiotics, MOS and botanicals that include aniseed, cinnamon, garlic, rosemary along with thyme.
2. BioBaby 20/20 All Milk Medicated with Bovatec and MOS
3. BioBaby 22/20 All Milk Medicated with Bovatec and MOS.