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How Salt Benefits Cattle Nutrition

Salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl). This mineral has a ton of benefits to cattle nutrition. One benefit is that salt helps cattle maintain normal appetite and body weight, as well as increasing feed consumption and weight gain. Sodium and Chloride aid in proper nervous and muscle functions, body pH regulation and water retention. Cattle on salt mixtures drink 50 to 75% more water than normal or approximately 5 gallons of additional water for each pound of salt.

An appropriate amount of salt consumed each day should be 0.005 to 0.0010% of their body weight. Therefore, a mature cow should consume 1-2 ounces daily.


Product of the Week: Redmond Conditioner 

The Redmond Conditioner is an all-natural organic mineral blend that contains many benefits.

Redmond Conditioner includes 60+ minerals, it is a toxin binder, rumen buffer, and controls ammonia. Since it has all these properties in just one bag it saves the farmer money and simplifies the farmer’s life at the same time. Redmond conditioner reduces the feed costs as it’s less per cow, per day than conventional mineral programs. Also reduces vet bills as cattle on this mineral are healthier and have fewer mineral deficiencies. Many studies show that Redmond Conditioner improves conception rates and milk production. The chart below compares Redmond Conditioner to bicarb and how they both act the same as a buffer, but Redmond comes with way more benefits than bicarb can.


            • Contains over 60 natural minerals for optimum health and nutrition
            • Helps animals better utilize the nutrients in their feed
            • Supports healthy microbe colonies
            • Improves nitrogen utilization in the rumen
            • Binds toxins in the rumen

Farm Success Story

Jason Nunes is from Nunes Family Dairy, which has 1000-head of dairy. Jason has been feeding Redmond Conditioner to his herd since 2009. He switched to the Redmond as he couldn’t afford the traditional mineral that he was purchasing at $650 a ton. Jason says he has saved over a million dollars over the years since he switched to Redmond Conditioner.

“I attribute Redmond Salt Conditioner to us being successful to this day. Without it I think financially we would have had some real serious issues over the years and maybe not even be dairying anymore.” – Jason Nunes

Not only did Jason save money by switching to Redmond Conditioner he also experienced higher reproduction rates. When his herd was on the traditional minerals he was averaging at a 19-21 reproduction rate and now on Redmond he is at a 27-30 reproduction rate. He has also seen changes with death loss as he was averaging around a 6% death loss before Redmond and now on Redmond he is down to 3% death loss. His milk production hasn’t changed, but his milk fat and milk protein have increased. Redmond Conditioner has benefited the Nunes Family Dairy in many ways.

More information about the Nunes Family Dairy using Redmond Conditioner in link:


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