Highly Soluble Calcium for Optimum Crop Performance

Bio-Cal is an exclusive, proprietary blend of multiple calcium sources for extended availability throughout the season. Applying calcium to soil can help mobilize nutrients and improve plant availability. A catalyst for helping everything else in your program improve, Bio-Cal can unlock your soil’s full potential today for healthier, stronger plants all season long.

Features & Benefits

  • Research-Backed. A 2016 replicated trial across 42 plots in Wisconsin showed Bio-Cal can increase alfalfa yields by over 10% when used in combination with a conventional alfalfa fertility program.
  • More Plant-Available Calcium. Bio-Cal provides 150 pounds of soluble calcium per ton.
  • Better Plant Health. For years, farmers have known calcium helps raise healthy, quality crops. Recent research supports this and has identified calcium as a key player in crop production.
  • A Better Calcium Source. Multiple forms of calcium are present in Bio-Cal, providing both highly available and slow-release calcium. These include calcium oxide and calcium carbonate.

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Jared Siverling Talks Bio-Cal®

Jared Siverling has applied Bio-Cal® on his Chippewa County, Wisconsin, farm for years. Hear what he has to say about the product, his relationship with Midwestern BioAg and the results he's seen on his farm.

““We apply Bio-Cal to our alfalfa every fall after fourth cutting. Since we started using the product several years ago, our alfalfa looks great, it comes back well in the spring and we rarely see winterkill on our farm. We will continue to apply the product to our forage ground.””

Robert Stoll, Cascade, IA

““Since applying Bio-Cal, we’ve seen improvements to both forage yields and soil quality. We’ve applied it for over 30 years on both corn and alfalfa. The biggest improvements have been to soil quality — with Bio-Cal we see better water infiltration and a cake-like soil structure.””

Gary Manternach, Monticello, IA

““We’ve applied Bio-Cal to our hay ground for over 15 years and started applying it to all acres about five years ago. We regularly get five cuttings of quality forages each season. We double crop all our acres and ask a lot of the ground. I can’t put numbers to results, but I know it works.” ”

Doug Roth, Mt. Pleasant, IA


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