BioAg Rx

BioAg Rx supports farmers and agronomists with data-driven insights. Forty-seven percent of farmers surveyed reported a lack of knowledge in understanding the software as the primary reason for not using data. BioAg Rx overcomes the traditional limitations by providing simple, farmer-centric reporting and in-field agronomic support to ensure your recommendations on paper fit the farm and field. 

Designed for organic and conventional farmers, the insights gained from BioAg Rx allow farmers to confidently take corrective action on their soil health and track their progress. Targeting improved accuracy and repeatability, BioAg Rx takes the guesswork out of farm management decision-making. BioAg Rx also provides fertility recommendations that support soil health practices and improve nutrient use efficiency, backed by the truster leader in soil health and fertility, Midwestern BioAg. 


With BioAg Rx: 

  • Insights from over 40 years of soil health-centric corrective and fertility recommendations
  • Analyzes up to 200+ data points per soil sample, including chemistry, metagenomic biological sequencing, and carbon
  • Option for multi-year crop performance Growers Edge warranty
  • Option for field enrollment in the Carbon by Indigo marketplace 


Ready to get started? Simply, request a soil analysis.