TerraNu Fertilizers Perform Well in UNL Study

First-year data from a multi-year University of Nebraska-Lincoln study shows fertilizers manufactured with TerraNu Nutrient Technology™ carry many of the same benefits of other organic matter-based fertilizers, without the added weight and logistical challenges that come with materials like manure and bio-solids. The study will continue for an additional two years to track nutrient release over time. 

Findings from a 2016 University of Nebraska-Lincoln study show TerraNu fertilizers have a comparable impact on corn yields as other types of manure and anaerobically digested organic …

Two-Year L-CBF Research Summary: Stronger Starts & Higher Yields

Findings from a two-year study at the University of Illinois show liquid carbon-based fertilizers (L-CBF) improve early season corn growth, promote drier grain at harvest and increase crop yields. Together, these improvements can improve farm profitability and allow for earlier harvest in fall.

In 2015 and 2016, a University of Illinois study tracked the impact of multiple L-CBF products on corn performance and yield.
Derived from cane molasses, L-CBF delivers quality plant nutrients in a carbon base to stimulate soil biology and increase nutrient …

L-CBF Research Study: Stronger Starts, Drier Grain

Findings from a multi-year study at the University of Illinois have shown liquid carbon-based fertilizers (L-CBF) improve early season corn growth. Grain moisture at harvest was also significantly lower in corn treated with L-CBF, reducing the need for additional grain drying and allowing corn to be harvested earlier in the season. 

Now in its second year, Midwestern BioAg’s liquid carbon-based fertilizer (L-CBF) study at the University of Illinois is once again showing positive results.