Field Day 2014: Products, Principles & Practices of Biological Farming

From corn to cover crops to cows to cabbage, Midwestern BioAg’s 23rd annual Field Day will offer learning opportunities for every farmer and producer.

The Tuesday, Aug. 19 event is returning to a full day format, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the BioAg Learning Center and the adjacent Otter Creek Organic Farm, between Dodgeville and Lone Rock in Southwestern Wisconsin. Educational presentations on a variety of hot topics in agriculture will be ongoing throughout the day. Visitors can also take a farm tour, view demonstration plots, a soil pit, and ask questions at the information booth. Gary Zimmer, farmer, author, president and founder of Midwestern BioAg will sum up the day’s activities with closing remarks at 3:30 p.m.

The Field Day, says Gary Zimmer, “is not only a celebration of biological farming, but a place to meet and visit with others, a chance to learn and see our farming methods and tools. There will be learning stations and experiments for you to get ideas to use on your own farm.” And although the field day is held on an organic farm, all types of farmers can find new ideas. “The Field Day has never been just for organic farmers. The products, practices and principles we use can be adapted to any farm.”

Zimmer and other BioAg consultants and staff will be on hand to share their expertise through presentations and tours. Our day will start with a welcome by Zimmer at 10 a.m. Sessions and tours will begin at 10:30 and continue into the afternoon.

  • Wagon tours will take visitors around the Learning Center to see the soil under our feet at the soil pit, then view alfalfa and corn. Tours will last approximately 45-minutes.
  • Crop production: See no-till and rolled soybeans, plus sweet corn. Will also discuss weed control on an organic farm. Approximately 45-minute tour, including free bus transportation to nearby location.
  • Vegetable production, with MBA specialty crop consultant Allen Philo, will visit the nearby start-up three acre garden. Approximately one hour tour, including free bus transportation.
  • Cover crops demonstration plot will present the opportunity to view a selection of soil building/soil enhancing mixtures, and discuss how to get the most from cover crops. 45 minute session.
  • Forages: Alfalfa production, including foliar applications. 45 minute session.
  • Liquid Carbon Based Fertilizer: Learn the advantages of Midwestern BioAg’s L-CBF TerraFed, our exciting innovations in crop production. 45 minute session.
  • Dairy nutrition and raising young stock at Otter Creek Organic Farm, including pastures. Healthy productive cows are the goal at Otter Creek, the Zimmer family’s award winning organic dairy.
  • The MBA booth, in the main tent, will feature livestock management, soil management, seed, precision agriculture, and specialty crop management. A catered hot lunch will be served.