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Improving Production from the Ground Up

Midwestern BioAg was founded by a dairy nutritionist nearly 40 years ago with a single goal: Help dairies improve milk production from the ground up. By focusing on soil health, we’ve found ways to increase both forage yields and quality. That’s why we’ve stayed focused on the foundation of all farm success – soil health. 

Our crop inputs leverage the power of soil microbes to yield forages with higher levels of digestible fiber, protein, and essential minerals such as calcium. On-farm and independent research trials prove that our program can increase the quality and quantity of forages grown. As a result, milk production per acres rises, and out-of-pocket supplemental mineral costs decline. 


Soil Amendments

Soil nutrient deficiencies and inadequate pH levels are serious yield-limiting factors. Calcium, boron, and other nutrients such as sulfur play significant roles in improving forage yields and quality. Using our soil amendments, producers can correct nutrient deficiencies and improve pH levels to grow higher-yielding, more nutrient-dense forages. 

  • Bio-Cal® and OrganiCal™: Bio-Cal and OrganiCal deliver multiple sources of highly available calcium and plant-available sulfur to improve forage yield and quality. These proven products provide fast-acting and slow-release calcium for season-long plant health and performance. 
  • Potassium Sulfate: Potassium sulfate has a lower salt index than potassium chloride and also supplies sulfate sulfur for improved plant performance. Sulfate sulfur is highly plant-available and supports complete protein formation in plants. 
  • High-Cal Lime: Forages grow best when soil pH levels are around 6.8 to 7.2. Adding high-cal lime when a pH increase is needed can boost yields, while added calcium can improve plant nutrient availability. 

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Dry Fertilizer Blends

Midwestern BioAg’s dry fertilizer blends optimize plant growth and forage quality by providing balanced nutrition for both the soil and the crop. Beyond NPK, our blends contain essential secondary and micronutrients to yield quality forages that support the nutrition needs of today’s high-performing dairy cattle. As a result, growers on our program benefit from an improved bottom line by reducing the need for purchased feeds and nutritional supplements. 

At Midwestern BioAg, we understand that fertilizers ingredient quality is more important than NPK numbers on the tag. We select fertilizer ingredients to create balanced blends that meet the needs of the soil and the crop for optimal performance. 

Our fertilizers are: 

  • Balanced. We balance and blend the right nutrients for your soil and crops, optimizing yields and quality. We address yield-limiting factors by complementing NPK with calcium, sulfur, trace minerals and organic matter to feed soil life and increase nutrient availability. 
  • Heathier for the soil. Some fertilizers can negatively impact soil life and plant health. Our fertilizers are blended with materials that stimulate and support both soil microbes and plant roots. 
  • Available season-long. Most fertilizers give plants a quick charge for a short period fo time; ours deliver nutrients through the growing season. We mix soluble nutrients with others that are available season-long, enhancing nutrient uptake and performance through the year/ 

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Liquid Carbon-Based Fertilizer (L-CBF)

Our L-CBF product line can be applied to regrowth after harvest to boost both forage yield and quality. Made from a molasses base, L-CBF contains sugar to help stimulate soil life and increase plant nutrient availability. L-CBF can be added to herbicides to help drift while also speeding regrowth, allowing growers to intensify harvest schedules without sacrificing plant health and yield. 

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Forage Seed Varieties

Our forage seed varieties have been carefully selected for yield potential, feed quality, disease and pest resistance, and regional adaptability. Options include both pure alfalfa and grass mixes for all types fo livestock in a variety of production stages. 

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