Heifers: Increasing the Potential of Your Future Milking Herd

Heifers are the future of your herd and your long term success as a dairy producer. Heifer raising makes up 20-25% of the total cost of milk production. A successful pre-weaning calf program has been proven to increase first lactation milk yield 1,000 lbs – 3,000 lbs. Genetic selection can account for 150 lbs-300 lbs greater milk production per lactation, but pre-weaning management can increase this 5 fold.

A successful pre-weaning calf program includes:

  • 1 gal of high quality colostrum within 4 hrs of birth
  • Continuous access to a high quality calf starter & water
  • Clean, dry, deep bedding
  • Fresh air without drafts

Midwestern BioAg can help producers achieve these goals. A well balanced dry cow ration fortified with organic selenium, trace minerals and vitamins can help ensure the calf is born healthy and the cow will produce quality colostrum.


“Heifer raising makes up 20-25% of the total cost of milk production.”


All of Midwestern BioAg’s calf products are designed to ensure your calves receive all the necessary nutrients to rapidly grow and develop into productive members of your herd. Our “O” BioBaby Base Pellet is designed to be mixed on-farm with your own grains and roasted beans. This high quality blend of ingredients in a pellet form, eliminates fines in calf feeds and supplies the minerals, vitamins and beneficial bacteria necessary to ensure rapid rumen development in your calves. For producers who don’t have access to protein, Midwestern BioAg has two protein/mineral pellet formulas, the “O” BioBaby Mixer Pellet & MBA 26 Mixer B180. Both products are designed to be mixed with grain to make your own calf feed. For producers without a source of dry grain or protein, Midwestern BioAg offers our “O” BioBaby Calf Starter a blend of corn, oats, roasted beans and “O” Biobaby Base Pellet. All of these products are designed to provide your calves with a balanced ration of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins in a palatable form. The weaning process should be based on starter intake rather than age. Three consecutive days of 3 lbs of starter intake is a good level to begin the weaning process.

As we near closer to spring and green grass, many farmers will be turning their heifers out to pasture. Many producers recognize the benefits of pasturing their heifers such as reduced feed cost, less manure handling and healthier, more physically fit heifers. But always remember, there is more to a successful heifer program than just pasture and a salt block. A balanced ration of protein, energy and minerals will insure you are neither underfeeding, nor over feeding your heifers. MBA Heifer Mineral R1200 and “O” Heifer Mineral are made with high quality sources of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, trace minerals, vitamins and salt. All of which will contribute to excellent immune function, hoof health and reproduction, as well as the overall body condition and healthiness of your future milking herd.