L-CBF Product Line: The Focus of 2014 Field Research

As part of our product evaluation research this year, the Midwestern BioAg research team is managing plot trials at several locations around southern Wisconsin related to the performance of the L-CBF product line. Staff Agronomist-Jeff Gunderson, Intern-Kyle Dionne and VP of Education, Training and Outreach-Leilani Zimmer-Durand are all working together to evaluate L-CBF product performance along with Midwestern BioAg’s dry fertilizer blends.

Placement and timing of application are the focus of the trials being done this year. Kyle Dionne is managing the plots on a day-to-day basis, taking alfalfa clippings, evaluating root development and tissue testing at each research site. Midwestern BioAg also has several corn hybrid variety trials throughout the state and is even looking at a few other potential product offerings. Several new trials being done this summer include the evaluation of the L-CBF product line in conjunction with RootSurge as a pop-up fertilizer on corn and soybeans. The RootSurge product contains several microbes that benefit the rhizosphere of plant roots. It also provides a balanced ratio of chelated micronutrients needed for increased plant performance throughout the growing season. Staff Agronomist Jeff Gunderson notes that the RootSurge with L-CBF will stimulate biological activity, enhance early season root growth and and help to address early season nutrient deficiencies.

Following the positive results of last year’s foliar trials, Midwestern BioAg is once again assessing the effectiveness of foliar applications of L-CBF on alfalfa and soybeans. Specifically, yield and forage quality are being measured on the alfalfa ground with rates of 5 gpa and 10 gpa being applied after each cutting on stubble and on regrowth of 4-8”. Results thus far seem to suggest that applications to regrowth are showing the best responses, but it is too early to say anything concrete. In soybeans we are looking at the effect of timely applications of L-CBF 10-14-1 on yield; more to come on this at the end of the year. This year’s trials are being conducted at four biological/conventional farms and one certified organic farm in southern Wisconsin. Each farm is visited on a weekly basis and data is recorded to get the most information possible from each plot. The BioAg Learning Center also has plots where trials are currently being done that you will have the chance to see first hand at this year’s Field Day event.