Midwestern BioAg Expands Manufacturing Capacity

BLUE MOUNDS, WI (July 6, 2015) –Midwestern BioAg, Inc., announced today that it has acquired Meeker Farms Trucking, Inc. Located in Davenport, Iowa, Meeker Farms is the exclusive manufacturer of Midwestern BioAg’s calcium-based soil amendments, Bio-Cal® and OrganiCal.

With this merger and expanded team, BioAg is poised to increase production, build other manufacturing sites, and expand delivery across a greater service area.

The expansion is a part of the company’s aggressive strategy to grow the business and bring its value proposition to more farmer customers.

Meeker Farms has been owned by Floyd “Butch” Meeker, Jr., and Janice Meeker since 1979. The company’s personnel will join Midwestern BioAg’s team. Within the Midwestern BioAg structure, Butch Meeker will serve as Vice President of Manufacturing. Janice Meeker will oversee the administrative, inventory, and accounting functions of the Meeker plant. Brett Omer, a 20-year veteran of Meeker, will become Plant Manager of the Davenport facility.

“We are thrilled that Butch, Janice, and Brett are joining our team so that we can grow together,” said Midwestern BioAg CEO Tony Michaels. “The expanded manufacturing capacities will enable Midwestern BioAg to serve our customers in multiple new ways,”

Bio-Cal and its organic version, OrganiCal, help build soil capacity to promote healthy plant growth by delivering multiple sources of calcium and plant-available sulfur to improve yield and quality. Both products provide fast-acting and slow-release calcium to support season-long plant health and performance.

“We’re glad to formally be a part of the Midwestern BioAg family,” said Butch Meeker. “We’ve had a great relationship for over 30 years. We believe that Bio-Cal and OrganiCal are two of the best soil amendments available on the market today. We’re ready to work together to expand our capacity to better serve our current and future customers.”

Since the mid-1980s, Midwestern BioAg has sold almost 600,000 tons of Bio-Cal and OrganiCal. By tonnage, Bio-Cal and OrganiCal are Midwestern BioAg’s biggest selling products.

Founded in 1983, Midwestern BioAg is a premium fertilizer and agronomy consulting company with current sales of $40 million and over 4,100 customers on more than 1 million acres. Headquartered in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, the company has core facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, reaching farmers in 29 states and 3 Canadian provinces.