Midwestern BioAg Reflects on 2020 and Commits to 2021 Resolutions

Though the New Year’s Eve celebrations will look a little bit different this year, there is still plenty to reflect on. The year 2020 was challenging and no one was prepared for how this year would impact everyone’s lives. But adversity creates space for growth, innovation, and it can unite communities. We all survived this year because we supported each other. Seeing so many individuals and companies do whatever possible to make the world a better place inspires Midwestern BioAg to reflect and commit to bettering ourselves and the communities we serve in the coming year.

In 2021, we will continue improving ourselves the BioAg Way, through:

Making time for wellness – mental, physical, spiritual, environmental. This can be accomplished through exercise, meditation, getting outdoors, paying attention to mental health, and self-care. And just like our bodies, the soil also needs fresh air and consistent nutrients. This next year, in addition to taking better care of ourselves, we commit to taking better care of the earth. We are looking forward to increasing sustainability initiatives in our facilities across the Midwest to make a difference and live more sustainably as an organization.

Focusing on learning and development. Pushing ourselves to continue to grow, we plan to make learning and development a priority in the new year and beyond. Everyone can benefit from some additional learning, no matter their season of life. Midwestern BioAg wants to make learning easier and more accessible for everyone within the company, while continuing our commitment to educating others about the importance of soil health.

Lending a hand. We are dedicated to increasing our company’s community engagement. Midwestern BioAg has several locations around the Midwest, each one in a community with its own set of struggles and successes. We intend to do what we can to positively affect our local communities as well as our agriculture community, whether it be by donating, sponsoring, volunteering, or supporting mission-aligned causes to make an impact.

Thank you for supporting us while we aspire to better ourselves and our precious environment. We hope the new year brings us all growth and success.