New Nutrition Products from Midwestern BioAg

With the changes that have come due to the weather and agriculture economics, Midwestern BioAg wants to be proactive with product offerings that are put together with high quality ingredients that provide a positive economic value to your farm.

Three new milk replacers:

1. BioBaby 20/20 All Milk Non Medicated with Probiotics, MOS and botanicals that include aniseed, cinnamon, garlic, rosemary along with thyme.

2. BioBaby 20/20 All Milk Medicated with Bovatec and MOS

3. BioBaby 22/20 All Milk Medicated with Bovatec and MOS.

All three contain proteinate and sulfate trace minerals, selenium yeast and vitamin C to enhance immune function. We have increased the feeding rate of the powder, which raises energy and protein resulting in increased gains.

“O” BioBaby Premix has been changed to “O” BioBaby Base Pellet which contains the same high quality ingredients only in a pellet form to eliminate fines in calf feed. And it can be mixed on-farm with your own grains and roasted beans. It is also the product that supplies the minerals, vitamins and beneficial bacteria in our “O” BioBaby Calf Starter.

For those of you who don’t have your own protein source, we have two new offerings in a protein pellet:

1. “O” BioBaby Mixer Pellet

2. MBA 26 Mixer B180 Medicated with Bovatec for improved feed efficiency.

Both products are designed to be mixed at the rate of 1/3 pellet and 2/3 of your grain to make an on-farm calf feed utilizing your own grain.

On the heifer side, we have added MBA Heifer Mineral R1200 Medicated. This product contains Rumensin® for the control and prevention of coccidiosis along with improved rate of gain. This product is a complete mineral supplement containing elevated trace mineral levels derived from chelated and sulfate sources which help with immune system, hoof health and reproduction.

For the dry cows we have added MBA Dry Cow Mineral R1200 Medicated. This product also contains Rumensin,® which has been shown to increase milk production efficiency in lactating cows and enables more efficient use of feed to maintain body condition and fetal development in dry cows. Again we are sticking to our standards of using high quality trace minerals from chelates and sulfates along with selenium yeast, to help with immune function, calf health and colostrum quality, plus reduce fresh cow problems and improve reproduction.