Frankton, Indiana, Farmer Wins 40-Acre Supply of TerraNu Fertilizer

Frankton, Indiana – Midwestern BioAg today unveiled the winner of its 2017 raffle for a 40-acre supply of TerraNu fertilizer. Newly released in 2017, TerraNu fertilizers are manufactured using Midwestern BioAg’s breakthrough technology, TerraNu Nutrient Technology™. The winner, Mike Shuter of Shuter Sunset Farms, plans to apply the product on his 3,000-acre farm in Frankton, Indiana.

Shuter entered the raffle at the 2017 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas, and was selected from over 100 entries. He entered the raffle hoping the product can help him build soil health on his farm. “We’re working on soil health issues all the time,” said Shuter. “TerraNu looks like a product that can help us along those lines.”

Shuter Sunset Farms is a fourth-generation family farm operated by Shuter and his two sons, Brian and Patrick. “We strip-till our corn and no-till the beans,” said Shuter. “We’ll likely apply the TerraNu fertilizer on corn for the first year and see how it performs.” The family also finishes 8,000 to 9,000 hogs each year, and has a 100 head of beef cattle.

TerraNu fertilizers are produced using TerraNu Nutrient Technology, a new manufacturing process that transforms manure into a uniform, dry fertilizer granule that can be efficiently stored, transported and spread. The process infuses essential crop nutrients into a manure base to give more farms access to the biological benefits of manure. Products made through this process offer precision application: Each granule has the same guaranteed analysis, allowing for even in-field distribution.

Midwestern BioAg, based in Madison, WI, manufactures and distributes fertilizers that build soil health to increase yields and quality of both food and forage. For more information about TerraNu fertilizers, see: