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Regenerative Agriculture: When do you start and how?

Dear farmers and agriculturalists,
It appears we live in a world with a lot of dissatisfied people. How do we determine what is right and what is wrong? The fun in farming, and in life, is to contribute. Contribute to the goal of healthy, mineralized soil by using the best knowledge, common sense, and observed practices to be stewards of the land and grow feed and food that is nutritional, clean and soil-building – that is the most fun and profitable way to farm.

All these years, MBA has called it “biological farming.” Farming that is focused on soil biology and respectful to the biological system. We want lots of earthworms and high-quality minerals. To get those, we need to feed them and care for the air and water. The new language of today is “regenerative.” I have always liked the term. Although, if everything were going great, why would we need to regenerate it?

Every soil and every farm has limiting factors that need regeneration. Start with a complete soil test – it is the best tool available to find limiting factors and devise an improvement plan. Yes, you still must deal with tillage. For all the talk of no-till, there are lots of brown fields as you drive through the country. Shallow incorporating residues, vertical tillage, strip tillage, deep ripping, and high-speed disc are all options for soil management on a physical level.
Then there is the biology. You must create an ideal home and keep the plant and soil biology well nourished. There is a need for calcium. There is no better way to feed them than with Bio-Cal or OrganiCal. The success of these products are proven by the many years of use and positive responses. Many hay fields this year are still in need, if you haven’t done so already. Then, there is the rest of the mineral program that your MBA consultant can help you with. Summertime is also not a bad time to pull a tissue test as an additional tool to monitor fertility.

So, the fun and profit in farming is figuring this out for your farm. You can find article after article on biologicals, bio-stimulants, cover crops, carbon sequestration, etc., which will be a big part of your farm income in the future. Why not start now? Crop income this year will be favorable so you can invest in taking your farm to the next level.

Midwestern BioAg has the best trained, most experienced consultants that will ever visit your farm. We have the products. So, when do you get started and how? Contact your MBA consultant for a complete soil test and a full corrective program designed for your acres – and have fun doing it, “The BioAg Way”.


CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY: Bio-Cal® on Galusha Farm

Steve Berning, owner of Galusha Farms in Warrenville, Illinois, has been a loyal customer to Midwestern BioAg for over 15 years. Berning cites flexibility, attention to detail, and timeliness as some of the reasons he chooses to work with MBA. “It is custom-tailored to what we need,” said Berning.

Berning has grown hay all his life. The oldest of seven children, he grew up on a dairy farm in the hills of Galena in northwest Illinois, milking cows, raising hogs, and growing hay. Now, on his thousand-acre farm, Berning grows mostly hay. In addition to alfalfa, mixed hay, and grass hay, he grows corn and beans. “I’ve been a farmer my entire life,” said Berning. “My goal is to be the most efficient, low-cost, dry hay producer in Northern Illinois.”

To reach his yield goal of 5-7 tons per acre per year, Berning uses Bio-Cal for hay. “I really like Bio-Cal,” said Berning, “It’s a great product to get calcium into the soil to get quick, soft hay.” Steve Lundeen, Berning’s sales consultant, talks with Berning on the phone 3-4 times a day. “Steve gives me a lot of helpful agronomic advice, said Berning, “He is always thinking, always doing, and not pushing. Always open-minded.”

Another thing Berning referred to about MBA is how fast they work. Berning recalled a story about a friend of his, a sizable hay farmer in his area. He suggested they connect with Midwestern BioAg and the next day they were introduced. Two days later, MBA delivered fertilizer to his field.

“MBA works quick and always has the ability to answer hard questions,” said Berning.

Farming is special and Midwestern BioAg appreciates people like Steve Berning who understand its value. “Making something is pretty cool,” said Berning, “turning the tractor around and seeing what you’ve made is special.”

Meet Our Leadership: Michael Burger, President and CEO

Leading Midwestern BioAg is President and CEO, Michael Birger. Since joining the team last fall, he has made effective personnel changes, established partnerships with innovative companies like Grower’s Edge and Sound Agriculture, and guided MBA through a global pandemic. Birger recently earned a “Leadership in Sustainability” award from the Global Summit on All-Things Food.

“Our commitment to the success of our growers is stronger than ever. With the backing of our new owners and the dedication of our employees, we are prepared and poised for growth.”

“I am humbled and excited to lead our team of experienced leaders and their partners in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. Together we will continue to change farming practices with our proven biological approach, which will preserve soil health for generations to come,” said Birger.

“We are committed to building on the 30-year history of the company to enhance sustainable success of our customers and the well-being of our employees,” said Birger.

Prior to his appointment at MBA, Birger worked as the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development for Compass (NYSE: CMP), where he drove strategic growth and increased value through sourcing and structuring corporate investments in agriculture both domestically and internationally. Birger brings over 20 years of experience involving mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and management of operating businesses and joint ventures. Business culture and staff engagement are at the core of his successful business leadership for driving strategic growth with meaningful outcomes.

Michael Birger, President and CEO

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Free Choice Minerals: Summer Sale

Balance Nutrition with Needed Minerals 

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  • Redmond Salt with Garlic – A premium sea salt with natural essential trace minerals. 
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Exclusions may apply. Ask a consultant for full promotion details. Discount may not be combined with any other promotional offers. All bags must be in a single delivery to receive discount. Offer valid through 8/31/21. These products are allowed for use on organic farms. Always check with your local organic certifying agency before use.

2021 Free Choice Mineral Promotion Details


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