Orchard Program

Our orchard fertilizer program focuses on providing plants with adequate potassium, calcium, and trace minerals at the right times throughout the growing season to ensure good pollination and fruit fill. Our program incorporates flexible application timing to maximize plant N and K efficiency.

Our Recommendations:



Overuse of nitrogen can lead to soft fruit and excessive growth. Our liquid and dry fertilizers provide a balance of soluble and slow release nitrogen to ensure adequate growth without sacrificing fruit quality. We recommend the following application rates:


For best results, apply 15-30 lbs/ac of phosphorus per year.


Apply rates equal to or greater than N to enhance fruit quality and winter hardiness. Potassium sulfate and K-Mag® are good sources of potassium; sulfur with K-Mag® also supplies soluble magnesium. Apply the bulk of the recommended amount in early spring and spread the remainder throughout the season.

Contact your Midwestern BioAg Sales Consultant to develop a customized plan that meets your soil, plant, and economic requirements.