OMRI Listed for Organic Use


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Enhance Soil Biology in an Easy-To-Use Liquid

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ (formerly CX-1) is a liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural and horticultural applications. LiquiLife stimulates growth and improves plant vigor and nutrient uptake. It may also improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat, and stress. It is a biological product that accelerates microbial activity in the rhizosphere. All biology in LiquiLife is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab-grown additives. Add LiquiLife to provide a diverse buffet of biology for your plants!

Microbes help with: seed germination, plant protection, plant health, nutrient uptake, yield potential and crop residue management

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ Industry Leading Product Characteristics

Diversity:  BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ contains the highest diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms of any biological on the market today

Bacteria and Fungi:  BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ includes significant quantities of different bacteria and fungi

Shelf life:  BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ is sold in a dormant state, giving it a shelf life of 365 days; sold by tote or tanker

Patented process:  BIOACTIVE LiquiLife+™ uses a patented and field-tested extraction process, insuring consistency. 

Contains hundreds of microbe genera including: 

  • Nitrifying Bacteria: a robust collection of microbial species assisting with N availability
  • Trichoderma: enhances nutrient uptake
  • Pseudomonas: blocks pathogens
  • Mortierrella: phosphorous-solubilizing fungus

Accessibility:  CX-1 improves accessibility of trace elements, soluble nutrients and disease suppression in foliar and in-furrow applications.