KuroCal™ FarmPack

Improved Gut Integrity for Better Herd Health & Production

KuroCal™ FarmPack is a feed additive formulated to support gut health in all types of livestock. It contains a live source of naturally occurring microorganisms, which work to improve performance and feed intake. Supporting gut integrity helps producers avoid costly herd health challenges, and limits stress during times of transition and feeding program changes.

This product is safe to feed to the following species: 

  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Equine
  • Swine
  • Poultry

Product Characteristics

Supports Intestinal Health:  KuroCal FarmPack contains  live microorganisms that promote healthy gut bacteria. 

Increases Herd Production: Adding KuroCal FarmPack to rations supports higher feed intake, which improves profitability. This can be especially beneficial in times of stress or feed changes.

Proven: KuroCal FarmPack’s formulation is backed by years of research showing positive impacts on gut health. 

Versatile: KuroCal FarmPack can be fed to all types and ages of livestock to support gut health.

Improved Herd Health: Healthy animals eat and produce best. KuroCal FarmPack supports herd performance by maintaining gut health. 

Excellent for Replacement Calves: Establishing gut health early builds a strong foundation for future performance. KuroCal FarmPack promotes good gut health in young calves and supports productive rates of gain and growth.