OMRI Listed for Organic Use


Highly Soluble Calcium for Improved Plant Performance

OrganiCal™, an exclusive Midwestern BioAg fertilizer product, is an excellent source of soluble calcium for organic farmers. This organic calcium fertilizer contains finely ground calcium, sulfate sulfur, and humates for improved calcium availability and plant uptake. OrganiCal is OMRI-listed for use on organic farms.

Product Characteristics

Multiple Calcium Sources: OrganiCal includes two calcium sources — finely ground gypsum and 300-mesh high calcium lime. Together, they improve the distribution and plant availability of calcium in the soil.

Beneficial for Soil Health: OrganiCal can improve multiple soil types. Sulfur and calcium can improve the soil structure of heavy soils, and humates can increase plant-available sulfur and calcium levels in light soils.

Higher Forage Quality: OrganiCal contains sulfate sulfur, which is necessary for plant protein formation. Sulfur can increase crop yields and quality, and result in large returns to producers.

Fight Sulfur Deficiency: OrganiCal delivers the sulfur your crops need to help prevent sulfur deficiency — see the table in Tech Sheet for pounds delivered by application rate. We recommend applying 15-25 lbs of sulfur/acre to forages, and 5-15 lbs of sulfur/acre to corn, grains, vegetables and fruit.