WinterKing™ II Alfalfa

WinterKing™ II is the second generation of Midwestern BioAg alfalfa varieties. Developed using the Mineralized Balanced Agriculture system, it was bred from the healthiest, most persistent, highest yielding and highest quality plants in the Midwestern BioAg plots at our research partner’s Wisconsin station. We cross-pollinated this small but select group of exceptional plants to create an outstanding new alfalfa. WinterKing II was the highest yielding variety, not only under the BioAg fertility program, but also in conventional plots across the Midwest.

In addition to being a high yielding alfalfa, WinterKing II exhibits high levels of multileaf expression (80%+) which is an indicator of high quality. It is also a fall dormancy 4 with a winter hardiness index of 2, showing us it’s a high yielding variety with good persistence. With a disease index of 30/30, it will thrive in a wide range of environments. A medium tall variety with a thick, dense leafy canopy and a dark green plant color, it will work in a three, four or five cut system.