WinterKing™ III Alfalfa

The Next Generation of WinterKing Alfalfa

WinterKing III is the newest generation of Midwestern BioAg alfalfa varieties. Bred for optimum performance on the Midwestern BioAg fertility program, WinterKing III was selected from the healthiest, most persistent and highest-yielding plants. This highly disease-resistant genetic package will produce quality, nutrient-dense forages for your livestock.

Product Characteristics

More Yield & Milk:  An independent study in Wisconsin showed that over three cuts, WinterKing III yielded 12 percent more than WinterKing II and generated 2,000 more pounds of milk per acre. On average, WinterKing III yielded 7.1 tons and 19,797 pounds of milk per acre.

86% Multi-Foliate Leaf Expression: WinterKing III has a multi-foliate leaf expression rate of 86 percent, an indicator of quality and digestibility. WinterKing III is a dark green, tall variety with a dense leaf canopy.

Better Digestibility & Fast Recovery: WinterKing III was selected for improved digestibility and fast recovery in aggressive harvest management programs.

Regionally Adapted: WinterKing III is a hardy variety with a long stand life under tough weather conditions. It has a fall dormancy rating of 4, a winter hardiness index of 2 and a disease resistance index of 30/30. WinterKing III has been field tested in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.