Our Forage Program

Premium Dry Fertilizer Blends

Our premium dry pasture fertilizer blends optimize plant growth and forage quality by providing balanced nutrition for your soil and crops. Apply Midwestern BioAg’s premium fertilizers in the spring or after first cutting to grow higher-yielding, more nutrient-dense forages. By increasing forage quality and yield, producers can in turn reduce dependency on supplemental feeds and nutrition products.

At Midwestern BioAg, we understand that fertilizer ingredient quality is more important than the NPK numbers on the tag. We select fertilizer ingredients to create balanced blends that meet the needs of the soil and the crop for optimal performance.

Our fertilizer formulas are:

  • Balanced. We balance and blend the right nutrients for your soil and crops, optimizing yields and quality. We address yield-limiting factors by complementing NPK with calcium, sulfur, trace minerals and carbon to feed soil life and increase nutrient availability.
  • Healthier for the Soil. Some fertilizers can negatively impact soil life and plant health. Our fertilizers contain materials that stimulate and support both soil microbes and plant roots.
  • Available Season-Long.  Most fertilizers give plants a quick charge for a short period of time; ours deliver nutrients throughout the growing season. We mix soluble nutrients with others that are available season-long, enhancing nutrient uptake and performance throughout the year.

Liquid Carbon-Based Fertilizer (L-CBF)

L-CBF BOOST™ 4-0-3-2S can be applied after each cutting to boost both forage yield and quality. Made from a molasses base, BOOST contains sugar to help stimulate soil life and increase nutrient availability for your plants.

Soil Amendments

Soil nutrient deficiencies and inadequate pH levels are serious yield-limiting factors. Essential for crop growth, macro- and micronutrients help plants reach their full genetic potential. Calcium, boron, and other nutrients such as sulfur play significant roles in forage production and performance. Using our soil amendments, producers can correct nutrient deficiencies and improve pH levels to grow higher-yielding, more nutrient-dense forages.

We offer the following soil amendments:

  • Bio-Cal®: Bio-Cal delivers multiple sources of highly available calcium to improve forage yield and quality. It provides fast-acting and slow-release calcium for improved season-long plant health and performance.
  • Gypsum: Gypsum also provides calcium and sulfur, two essential plant nutrients.
  • Tennessee Brown Rock (TBR): A great remedy for phosphorus deficiencies, TBR can encourage forage nitrogen fixation, root development, and energy storage.
  • Protassium+®: A safer, gentler potassium chloride alternative, Protassium+ can be applied when soil potassium levels are deficient. Protassium+ has a lower salt index than potassium chloride and also provides sulfur for improved plant performance.
  • High-Cal Lime: Forages grow best when soil pH levels are around 6.8 to 7.2. Closely monitoring soil pH and adding high-cal lime when a pH increase is needed can boost yields, while added calcium can improve plant nutrient availability.

Pasture Management

A productive pasture can significantly increase livestock production and reduce supplemental feed and nutrition costs. At Midwestern BioAg, we can help livestock producers manage forage pastures for improved yield and nutritional quality. By managing pastures like a crop with a focus on mineral balance and rotations to maximize productivity, we can help producers feed livestock a balanced, high-energy diet.

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