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Highly Soluble Calcium for Optimum Crop Performance

Bio-Cal® is an exclusive, proprietary blend of multiple calcium sources ranging from soluble to time-released. As a liming material, it contains 32 percent calcium and provides highly soluble calcium that is both readily available to plants upon application and throughout the growing season. Applying calcium to soil can help mobilize nutrients and improve plant availability. A catalyst for helping everything else in your program improve, Bio-Cal calcium soil amendments can unlock your soil’s full potential today for healthier, stronger plants all season long.

Product Characteristics

More Plant-Available Calcium: Bio-Cal provides higher levels of soluble calcium than many other products. Materials such as dolomitic and calcitic lime have varying amounts of soluble calcium, often as little as 1-2 pounds per ton, while Bio-Cal has 150 pounds of soluble calcium per ton.

Better Plant Health: For years, farmers have known calcium helps raise healthy, quality crops. Recent research supports this and has identified calcium as a key player in crop production.

A Better Calcium Source: Multiple forms of calcium are present in Bio-Cal, providing both highly available and slow-release calcium. These include calcium oxide and calcium carbonate.

Easy to Spread: Bio-Cal is specially formulated for easy application.

High Quality:  We routinely test to ensure materials used in Bio-Cal are free of contaminants. For more than 15 years, Bio-Cal has met or exceeded government standards for heavy metals and organic toxins.

Improve Alfalfa Yields by 10.7% with Bio-Cal®


Jared Siverling Talks Bio-Cal®

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