Enhance Soil Biology in an Easy-To-Use Liquid

CX-1 is a liquid biological solution that is a cost-effective way to add biology to your existing planting and crop fertility programs. CX-1 is a 100% plant-based compost extract containing hundreds of different fungal species. CX-1 plant-based liquid fertilizer can improve your soils and increase nutrient efficiency.

Microbes help with: seed germination, plant protection, plant health, nutrient uptake, yield potential and crop residue management

CX-1 Industry Leading Product Characteristics

Diversity:  CX-1 contains the highest diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms of any liquid biological on the market today.

Bacteria and Fungi:  CX-1 includes significant quantities of different bacteria and fungi.

Shelf life:  CX-1 is sold in a dormant state, giving it a shelf life of 180 days; sold by tote or tanker.

Patented process:  CX-1 uses a patented and field-tested extraction process, insuring consistency. 

Contains hundreds of microbe genera including: 

  • Trichoderma: enhances nutrient uptake
  • Arthrobotrys: nematode grabbing fungus
  • Pseudomonas: blocks pathogens
  • Mortierella: phosphorous-solubilizing fungus