Homogenized Humates, Secondary Nutrients & Micronutrients

MicroHume® is a granular micronutrient fertilizer blend that includes calcium, sulfate sulfur and humates. Each homogenized, fertilizer-grade granule provides an effective multi-nutrient delivery system.

Product Characteristics

Essential Micronutrients. MicroHume includes essential nutrients in sulfate form including copper, manganese, zinc and sulfur. The humates in MicroHume make these essential micronutrient fertilizer products more available for the crop.

Easily Incorporated. MicroHume can be incorporated with other granular fertilizers. We recommend combining MicroHume with an NPK source to provide crops a complete, balanced diet of essential plant nutrients.

Even Distribution. The granules in MircoHume  are homogenized to promote even application. This helps avoid fertilizer hot spots and ensures even distribution of nutrients in the field.

Calcium & Sulfur. MicroHume also contains calcium sulfate, which provides plant-available calcium and sulfur.

Low pH. MicroHume has a low average pH of 5.8 for increased plant performance.