MicroPack 5-5-5™

MicroPack 5-5-5™ fertilizer is a balanced, homogenized combination of N-P-K and calcium, magnesium, sulfur and micronutrients. Overcoming yield-limiting factors starts with addressing nutrient deficiencies in the soil. MicroPack 5-5-5 fertilizer is a granule that provides balanced micronutrient nutrition for all crops, helping to maximize yield potential and plant and soil health.

5-5-5 Tech Sheet


Product Characteristics

Homogenized: The finely ground, evenly mixed ingredients in MicroPack 5-5-5 ensure uniformity and availability of all nutrients. Homogenization also reduces the risk of plant-specific trace mineral toxicity and hot spots.

Even Distribution: Applied at 70 lbs/ac, MicroPack 5-5-5 supplies 30 granules of homogenized N-P-K and trace minerals per square foot. 

Pelletized: MicroPack 5-5-5 consists of uniform granules for convenient handling and mixing.

Soluble & Sustained Release: MicroPack 5-5-5 provides readily available and sustained-release forms of nutrients which allow for extended plant availability of nutrients throughout the growing season.

Value: One of the most economical micronutrient products available in today’s fertilizer industry.