SOURCE Soybeans

SOURCE™ Soybeans is a foliar-applied chemistry that is easy to use and provides consistent performance. With a new active ingredient tailored to soybeans, it mimics natural plant-to-microbe signals to activate microbes at the root zone that fix atmospheric nitrogen and unlock phosphate. 

SOURCE Soybeans crop fertilizer is specifically formulated to increase plant available phosphorus and nitrogen during grain fill to provide the highest yield potential.


SOURCE is a microbiome activator that gives plants access to the existing nitrogen and phosphorus in the field, improving nutrient efficiency and reducing dependency on synthetic fertilizer. SOURCE activates microbes at the root zone, triggering them to fix nitrogen and solubilize phosphorus, making these nutrients available to the plant.

Using SOURCE can increase yield by 7.5 bushels per acre with an 83% win rate, or maintain yield and decrease nitrogen by 25-50 lbs per acre. Both offer a positive return on investment to the grower. SOURCE is easy to use and store, offers a low use rate, is tank mix compatible with herbicides and fungicides, provides a flexible application window from V4 to R3, and requires no new equipment. Learn more at

Product Characteristics

Stable, storable chemistry

Low use rate: 51.2 ac/gal

Timing: R1 application

Pack size: 1 gallon