TerraNu Ignite™

A Stand-Alone and Complete Micronutrient Package for Your Crop

TerraNu Ignite delivers essential nutrients in a carbon matrix for enhanced fertilizer performance and nutrient uptake in the field. Using TerraNu® Technology, NPK and micronutrients are infused into a carbon base that is granulated for precise, uniform application. Because the nutrients in TerraNu fertilizers are bound to carbon, they are easily pulled into the soil biology, allowing for immediate and season-long availability. Add TerraNu Ignite to your fertilizer program to increase nutrient uptake efficiency and reduce losses from leaching.

Why TerraNu Ignite?

11 essential nutrients in one product

Easy incorporation into your current program

Feeds soil biology for enhanced nutrient uptake

Easy handling and application for all types of application (strip-till, broadcast, 2×2, etc.)