WinterKing™ IV Alfalfa

The Next Generation of WinterKing™ Alfalfa

WinterKing IV is the next generation of Midwestern BioAg alfalfa offerings. Bred for optimum performance on the Midwestern BioAg fertility program, WinterKing IV alfalfa seeds provide additional features including enhanced disease and insect resistance and soil adaptability.

WinterKing IV Tech Sheet

Product Characteristics

Disease Resistance: Building upon WinterKing III’s genetic resistance to Aphanomyces Race 1
root rot, WinterKing IV features high genetic resistance to multiple strains of both Aphanomyces Race 1 and Race 2 root rot.

Soil Adaptability: WinterKing IV demonstrates excellent performance for both wet and welldrained soils.

85% Multi-Foliate Leaf Expression: WinterKing IV has a multi-foliate leaf expression rate of 85 percent, an indicator of quality and digestibility. WinterKing IV features a quick canopy closure that naturally suppresses weed competition and conserves soil moisture for crop growth.

Regionally Adapted: A hardy variety with a long stand life under tough weather conditions, WinterKing IV has a fall dormancy rating of 4, a winter hardiness index of 1.8 and a disease resistance index of 35/35.

Higher Yields & More Milk/Acre: Studies on WinterKing IV have shown increased yield and milk per acre when compared to WinterKing III.