TerraNu® Research Update — 2018 UW Study and On-Farm Calcium Potato Trials

SUMMARY: Results from a 2018 study at the University of Wisconsin-Hancock Agricultural Research Station and on-farm trials show adding TerraNu® Calcium to potato programs resulted in higher total yields and better marketable yield, improved crop performance throughout the season, reduced number of external and internal defects and improved gravity with reduced sugar content for better frying and storability.

A 2018 UW research study compared TerraNu Calcium to other calcium sources for potato nutrition. The study was conducted on chip potatoes, Atlantic variety, by Dr. Matt Ruark and his team at the University of Wisconsin-Hancock Agricultural Research Station. Potato quality assessments were conducted by UW and Techmark, Inc.

Study conclusions:

2018 On-Farm Potato Trials in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota Showed:

TerraNu® Calcium

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