The Right Equipment for the Job

“Better farming through better soil” is what Midwestern BioAg is all about. But MBA has another principle that has always been a key part of the company’s business — providing the best possible customer service. And over the past year, as MBA has grown and expanded, each of the company’s locations has updated and improved its delivery and application equipment. This substantial investment in equipment, and staff, will keep MBA’s service as top notch as its products.

Floaters and spreaders have been added to the application equipment fleet at MBA’s headquarters in Blue Mounds, WI over the past year. Two additional floater application units aid in timely delivery and efficient application. The new units offer new technology capable of more precise, efficient applications. Three of the new floaters can, for example, apply two products in one pass across the field. “Customers can be assured that we have the right equipment to perform the task,” says Wisconsin operations manager Duane Siegenthaler.

MBA’s Utica, Minnesota operation has had several major fleet additions and updates. Delivery equipment updates include a new fertilizer tender trailer and along with a belt trailer plus a semi-tractor. They provide “flexibility” and the means to “respond quicker to customers,” noted Travis Mathison, Minnesota’s operations manager. Three spreaders have also been added to the fleet, two Chandlers and an adjustable wheel track fertilizer spreader, for more nitrogen spreading in the spring and sidedressing on larger, taller crops. For delivery of smaller batches of MBA’s L-CBF products, a pair of 1,300 gallon liquid trailers, with pumps and meters, round out the fleet improvements. Finally, inside the facility, a new mixer was installed last fall that is more efficient. “It will cut down on loading and blending time and turn the trucks around quicker,” Mathison added.


“This substantial investment in equipment, and staff, will keep MBA’s service as top notch as its products.”


A semi-tractor and belt trailer, purchased this year by Midwestern BioAg of Iowa, is providing the Monticello, Iowa operation with “more control of our deliveries,” notes MBA-Iowa president Bob Yanda. This is in addition to an upgraded floater which “has more horsepower, and gets more acres done in a day. That gets us to the customers’ farms quicker.”

Bio-Ag of Michigan has increased its customer service capabilities with several equipment purchases in the past year. A new two bin truck provides increased capacity for use within Michigan and an air max custom applicator offers improved spreading coverage. “We can serve the needs of all farms large or small, CSAs to golf courses,” says Matt Neumayer, BAM general manager. “We are focused on serving Michigan state-wide.” BAM also provides fertilizer to customers in Ohio, Indiana and Ontario, Canada as well. Leasing an additional semi and van trailer for bag deliveries has created the opportunity to provide better, faster delivery service to that area, combined with a new Chandler 8-ton spreader to improve spreading services. Another addition is a gas-engine Chandler 8-ton spreader for special use in Indiana. Updating and adding the necessary equipment, Midwestern BioAg is committed to quality customer service.