Wildlife Plot Program

Bigger and Healthier Wildlife the Way Nature Intended 

Midwestern BioAg has a complete lineup of top-shelf fertility products for wildlife food plots. Enhance the health of your neighborhood wildlife with quality sources of fertility that your soil and food plots will love. Using environmentally-friendly ingredients, Midwestern BioAg wildlife plot program products create high levels of nutrient density and palatable forage that attracts wildlife. All Midwestern BioAg blends incorporate sulfate sulfur which is a major function in creating complete plant proteins that are extremely vital to soil and animal health, as opposed to basic NPK fertilizer that is typically very high in pH and salts.


New Product: Fall Feast™

Grow Healthier Plants and More Tonnages Naturally 

Midwestern’s BioAg unique plot blend is handcrafted by soil health experts. Fall Feast is a two-in-one blend of seed and fertilizer. Packed with macro- and micronutrients, Fall Feast stimulates soil biology and creates an environment where plants thrive. The product was created to save food plotters time and money when planting food plots. Get your food plot planted and fertilized in one pass while also nourishing the soil from a natural fertilizer source. 

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We suggest taking a soil test and/or consulting with a member of our Midwestern BioAg team for the best recommendations. If choosing to forgo a soil test, see the link below for blend recommendations proven on good soils. 

Proven Blend Recommendations

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“The deer found the best place around to eat: MBA fertilized plots!”


Success Story:

“I coordinated a university-run fertility trial for alfalfa. The trial did not look good at first until we figured out why. We flew a drone and took aerial photos. Not apparent at ground level, there were two deer trails that led from a wooded area, up a grass way, through an adjacent alfalfa field, right to our plots. From there the plots split and we could see where deer were bedding down in our plots. Upon close examination, we could see where the plants in the MBA fertility program were at; they were heavily clipped by grazers. Deer stole all the quality forage! We lost a year’s worth of data. The deer found the best place around to eat: MBA fertilized plots!”