Systems Approach to Nutrient Use Efficiency

Read any agricultural publication and you will see several articles or advertisements about “soil health” or “nutrient use efficiency” (NUE). Midwestern BioAg has been practicing soil health and nutrient use efficiency for over 30 years and is truly the leader within the Ag Industry. So why are “soil health” or “NUE” just now becoming buzz words? Industry experts and growers are starting to understand that there is no silver bullet, no one product or practice to get to soil health or improved NUE. Only Midwestern BioAg can help you un-lock NUE in your fields.

Impacts of Nutrient Use Efficiency

Let’s look at your crop and soil performance in a socioeconomic manner. As world population grows, 9 billion people projected by the year 2050, growers need to produce more food to keep up with demand. The US Corn Yield trend-line has been increasing for the last 20 years (figure 1):

As yields increase, more nutrients are needed to be added to replace the nutrients removed in the grain/stover. Fertilizer prices have been up and down recently, and growers need to protect themselves from price volatility. Improving the return on fertilizer purchased is a must, it and starts with a healthy soil. Keeping fertilizer where it is applied is also critical. No one wants to see their nitrogen, let alone fertilizer dollars, flow down the Mississippi River or infiltrate Lake Erie or any other sensitive environmental watershed. Another aspect of NUE is social. Consumers are demanding healthier foods. Healthier food starts with healthier soils and protecting the environment in a sustainable way is essential to this process.

Soil health and NUE are all in the “Carbon” SYSTEM.

The system approach to farming, one that Midwestern BioAg has perfected, is the only way to optimize NUE and soil health. A simple start to building your farming system this spring is for you to take advantage of carbon delivery. Carbon is important as a food source for native soil biology. Carbon in the products in the subheadings below stimulates soil biology and improves NUE once they are applied.

Inclusion of TerraNu Nutrient Technology into your fertilizer blends.

TerraNu Nutrient Technology™ is an innovative technology that improves NUE by delivering quality, balanced nutrients in a carbon-delivery system. TerraNu Nutrient Technology is a granulated fertilizer that is homogenized with essential nutrients for plant growth. Midwestern BioAg can customize your fertilizer blend to optimize TerraNu inclusion for your field. Ask us today!

Incorporate L-CBF products into your fertility system as a starter fertilizer or a blend companion.

L-CBF products are another great way to deliver essential nutrients to your crop in a carbon delivery system. Growers utilizing liquid starter fertilizer can take advantage of the benefits L-CBF 7-21-3 either in-furrow or in 2×2. Growers can also add L-CBF Boost into their side-dress or foliar applications. L-CBF Boost has shown consistently promising crop response (figure 2, left). Ask your Midwestern BioAg consultant for more information today!