Feed Inventory: Do You Have Enough?

Estimate Your Feed Inventory
Late summer is a very good time to evaluate your feed inventory – what do you have and what will you still need to put in storage to make it through the next year? The weather always presents challenges and variabilities. It’s important to keep in mind that harvesting the same amount of acres of a certain forage year after year might not work. 
Too many times we have received calls saying, “I’m out of certain forage.” Feed inventory is …

From the Farm of Gary Zimmer

Dear Farmer/Agribusiness person,
It’s amazing how well things seem to be doing on the farm this summer. They’re late, I know, and at a few times this growing season I wasn’t so sure that we would have much to harvest. We do get tired of always having to switch to ‘plan B.’
Our field days are coming up (Aug 20 and 21) and we are ready to show and present what we do here on Otter Creek Organic Farm.

Producer Profile: John Jorasz, Jorasz Brothers Farm

Farm Highlights:

  • Wilson, Michigan
  • 250 cow dairy, along with dairy beef & heifers for a total of 800 head.
  • Runs 5000 acres of corn, beans, alfalfa, wheat & barley.
  • Has used the Midwestern BioAg program since the early 90’s.

Product Highlight: Liquid-Carbon Based Fertilizer 10-14-1
It all started in the early 90’s when John Jorasz stumbled across Gary Zimmer at one of his meetings. He believed that what Gary said held a lot of promise and …

Time to Start Thinking About Cover Crops

As wheat harvest wraps up in the Midwest it’s time to start thinking about cover crops. The window between wheat or corn silage harvest and the end of the growing season can be a favorable time to establish a cover crop, but it is important to plan ahead and
consider your options before moving forward.
Cover crops can help to contribute, retain and efficiently cycle nutrients, suppress weeds, protect the soil from wind and water erosion, and enhance soil quality.