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TerraNu MicroPack On-farm Corn Trials

  • $18 average return on investment/acre. Calculation is based on an average application rate of 37 lbs./acre and a $3.40/bu corn price (2018 average).
  • 12 bu./acre average yield increase.
  • 70% showed improved nutrient use efficiency (N, P, K and micronutrients).

Nutrient Uptake Advantage Over the Grower’s Standard Blend in Tissue Testing

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TerraNu MicroPack Third Party Corn Research Studies

  • Up to a $12 return on investment/acre. Calculation is based on an application rate of 35 lbs./acre of TerraNu MicroPack vs. a grower standard blend. (Corn Price: $3.40)
  • 90% had a positive yield response; with the average yield being 5.2 bu./acre.
  • 8% more nitrogen uptake at V4 when compared to control.
  • Third Party Researchers Included:
    • Agri-Tech Consulting (WI)
    • AgTech (MO)
    • Continuum Ag (IA)
    • SGS (SD)
    • SynTech Research (IA)

Features & Benefits

  • Proven Crop Performance. TerraNu Technology has been applied on over 244,000 acres, and provided corn farmers with a 12 bushel/acre advantage over their standard blend.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake. TerraNu Technology's combination of carbon matrix, high water solubility and sulfur-based ingredients keeps nutrients both available and highly digestible for plant uptake.
  • Uniform Distribution. TerraNu Technology's homogenized carbon matrix technology ensures that each granule has the same nutrient analysis.
  • Enhanced Soil Health. TerraNu Technology stimulates soil biology by delivering carbon and essential nutrients to the crop, leading to increased nutrient uptake.

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