Carbon By Indigo

Earn extra income and improve yields with our market-leading carbon program

Practices like planting cover crops, reducing tillage, and diversifying your crop rotations qualify you for extra income through Carbon By Indigo.


Carbon farming impacts both your soil health and your bottom line.  

Improve your soil health
  • Improve water availability during drought
  • Reduce erosion and retain more nitrogen
  • Improve field accessibility 
  • Improve weed and disease control 
Improve profitability
  • Gain a new source of revenue with Carbon By Indigo payments
  • Reduce herbicide and fertilizer input costs with more resilient soil
  • Reduce fuel usage costs from tillage passes
  • Increase income with livestock grazing on cover crops


Carbon By Indigo provides the leading path for farmers who want to maximize revenue from carbon credit generation. 

  • The program shared 75% or more of the carbon credit sale price with growers
  • Carbon buyers pay premium prices for our high-quality credits because they are the only registry-issued carbon credits on the market
  • We are committed to supporting many types of farmers and allowing for a wide variety of qualifying crops and practice changes. 


Why Carbon, Why now? 

Carbon markets are projected to be a $43 billion industry. We want growers to take home more than $30 billion of that value. 

Carbon programs started in the early 2000s, and agricultural carbon markets have gained increasing support over time, regardless of which political party is in office. Now, the demand is skyrocketing with more and more companies making pledges to reduce global carbon emissions. 

Join Carbon By Indigo today and unlock the profitability that comes from carbon farming practices. The time to act is now. 


How much can farmers earn? 

Growers receive 75% or more of the credit sale price* and participated in market upside as the price increase. When we win, you win. We also provide a minimum price floor of $15 per credit to give even more peace of mind. 

Prices have been increasing rapidly for Indigo’s high-quality, registry-issued carbon credits, and we expect growers to receive significantly more than this minimum. Based on market projections, you could earn as much as $30 or more per credit with the 2022 carbon crop. By starting now, you can maximize your carbon credit production when prices are even higher. 


How do you generate carbon credits? 

You can generate carbon credits by adopting new regenerative farming practices, intensifying current regenerative practices, or both. Our agronomic experts can help you develop a carbon farming plan tailored to your operation free of charge. 

Qualifying practices include: 

  • Adding cover crops
  • Diversifying crop rotation
  • Reducing tillage
  • Improving nitrogen management 


To qualify, you will need to: 

  • Farm at least 150 acres
  • Grow commodity crops on that land, including barley, canola, corn, cotton, dry edible beans, dry edible peas, flax, lentils, millet, oats, peanuts, rye, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets, sunflowers, triticale, wheat
  • Farm in one of the 28 qualifying states: AL, AR, CO, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI
  • Adopt a qualifying practice change (includes practices changes made during a 2-year eligibility window) 
  • Confirm the field you would like to enroll in is not included in a conflicting program, such as another carbon program 


Don’t miss your eligibility window to earn income with carbon credits! 

➞ Have you added cover crops in the last 2 years or are you considering adding cover crops? 

➞ Have you reduced tillage in the last 2 years or are you considering reducing tillage? 

If yes, learn how you can get paid for these soil-enhancing practice changes.

Email Monica Gray to learn more.


Ready to learn more? Creating an account is free, easy, and takes only a few minutes. A Carbon By Indigo account grants you access to carbon farming and customer service support. 

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*Growers will be paid at least 75% of the weighted average sale price per carbon credit sold to a third party in that credit cohort. Participation and enrollment in Carbon by Indigo are subject to eligibility requirements and acceptance of terms and conditions. Payment rates are subject to change, and payment is subject to multi-year vesting and continued compliance with program rules. 


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