Berry Program

Our berry fertility program takes a systems approach to balancing fruit yield, fruit quality, and plant growth. Following our program can enhance the biological, physical, and chemical properties of the soil and help you reach your yield and fruit quality goals.

Our Recommendations:

Fall Fruit Pack

Most perennial fruit plants, whether they are apple trees, blueberries, or cane fruits, set buds for next year’s crop the previous fall. The Fall Fruit Pack is specially formulated to help fruit crops improve bud development and support plant health into the winter season. The potassium and micronutrient berry plant food blend provides the plant with a fertile environment that can support heavy fruit production the following year. Our Fall Fruit Pack provides a complete approach to managing perennial fruiting crops.


Overuse of nitrogen can lead to soft fruit and excessive growth. Our liquid and dry berry fertilizers provide a balance of soluble and slow release nitrogen to ensure adequate growth without sacrificing fruit quality. We recommend the following application rates:

  • Blueberries: 60-80 lbs/ac total N split-applied before and after bloom.
  • Strawberries: 50-70 lbs/ac total N split applied early spring and after harvest.
  • Canefruit: 40-60 lbs/ac total N split applied prior to primocane emergence and 4 weeks before harvest.


For best results, apply 15 to 30 lbs/ac of phosphorus per year.


Apply rates equal to or greater than N to enhance fruit quality and winter hardiness. Potassium sulfate and K-Mag® are good sources of potassium; sulfur with K-Mag® doubles as a soluble magnesium supply. Apply the bulk of the recommended amount in early spring and spread the remainder throughout the season.

Contact your Midwestern BioAg Sales Consultant to develop a customized plan that meets your soil, plant and economic requirements.

Application Rates

Early spring: 2-6-20 at 220 lbs/ac
Pre-bloom: 20-5-5 at 220 lbs/ac
Post-bloom: 20-5-5 at 130 lbs/ac
Fall Fruit Pack: 0-0-7 at 200 lbs/ac

Early spring: 5-8-12 at 275 lbs/ac
Mid-summer: 13-7-4 at 360 lbs/ac
Fall Fruit Pack: 0-0-7 at 200 lbs/ac

Early spring: 10-9-10 at 250 lbs/ac
Post-bloom: 10-9-10 at 250 lbs/ac
Fall Fruit Pack: 0-0-7 at 200 lbs/ac