Reduce Farming Impacts, Build Soil Health, Restore Landscapes 

Farm communities across the country are facing new and tougher regulations to restrict the leaching of phosphorous into waterways. By increasing nutrient efficiency and building healthy soil structure, we help farmers ensure that nutrients are either taken off the field in the form of food, or stored in the community of soil microbes. This keeps phosphorous out of water sources.

The same is true with nitrogen. By increasing nutrient efficiency, we help farmers use less nitrogen per unit of food grown. This results in significant reductions in carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and soluble nitrate. We also help farmers increase organic matter in their fields — the equivalent of drawing carbon out of the atmosphere and embedding it back into the soil.

Many farmers initially reach out to us as a way to increase their yields and profits. Over time, more of them take pride in the increased stewardship values associated with our approach to farming. They like what it means for their farms and families. They also like what it means for the larger community.


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