Research & Results

For over 30 years, we fine-tuned our products and services on our own farms and in small scale field tests and farm trials. When things worked, we looked to understand why; when they didn’t work, we worked equally hard to understand why not. We rarely invested in large-scale trials to prove our system, largely because we grew one farm at a time. We didn’t need academic proof when we could point to it.

Today, as a larger number of producers (along with communities, large food companies, environmentalists and others) are reaching out to us, we see value in fully committing to demonstrating the agronomic, economic and environmental value of our products. Now equipped with an on-site laboratory, dedicated research farm, and experienced Research and Development team, we’re excited to develop a greater body of biological and environmental farming research to support our on-farm findings. We are working closely with leading universities and foundations to document our systems.