Soil Testing

Making informed input decisions for your farm starts with a soil test service. At Midwestern BioAg, we conduct comprehensive secondary and trace mineral analyses that go beyond the standard PK and pH soil test to identify yield-limiting factors. Because soil fertility directly affects yield potential, taking a systems-approach to farm management and correcting nutrient deficiencies in the soil helps grow healthier, more nutrient-dense crops and livestock.

We offer two types of farm soil testing: grid and non-grid soil sampling.

  • Grid soil sampling.  Grid soil sampling is the most precise way to soil test. It produces the detailed information that farmers need to make important input decisions. Each soil sample represents 2.5 acres in grid format. Our grid soil sample package includes a map with sample sites, complete lab analysis from Midwest Laboratories for each sample, soil amendment suggestions, fertilizer recommendations and VRT prescription rates. All data will be available electronically as a PDF. Grid samples can be used for VRT applications by sample area or for grouping samples into site-specific areas.
  • Non-grid soil sampling.  Non-grid soil samples can represent any size area and can be site-specific based on field boundaries, soil types or yield maps. Our non-grid soil sample package includes a map with sample locations, complete lab analysis from Midwest Laboratories, and soil amendment and fertilizer recommendations. All data will be available electronically as a PDF.

Fertilizer Application

Midwestern BioAg offers two dry fertilizer application options to our customers: spreader carts and floater trucks. Whether you want to apply your own fertilizer or have our trained floater applicators spread it for you, we have the staff and equipment available to get your fertilizer on the field when you need it most.

  • Spreader carts.  Spreader cart are available to Midwestern BioAg customers within our regular delivery area. We’ll deliver the cart for you and transport it back to our facility after your fertilizer has been applied.
  • Floater trucks.  We understand that as a farmer, the growing season is your busiest time of year. Using Midwestern BioAg floater trucks, our trained fertilizer applicators can save you time and apply your fertilizer for you. Our floater trucks have multiple bins for dual application and are equipped with variable-rate technology. Variable-rate application is a great complement to our grid soil sampling services, as it can ensure fertilizer is applied where needed and in the right amounts.

Forage Analysis

Just like soil testing, we recommend that our producers test their forages to ensure livestock are getting the nutrition they need for optimal performance. Working with the test results, our nutrition specialists will precisely balance farm rations using our complete line of livestock nutrition products.

Plant Tissue Analysis

Plant tissue analysis enables growers to measure the nutrient content of plants and help correct crop nutrition problems before harvest. Together, plant tissue analysis and soil tests are an excellent measure of crop potential and can help growers identify limiting factors on their farms.

Our consultants can help you conduct a plant tissue analysis to ensure representative results. Using the test results, our team can then help you make informed farm management decisions for your operation.