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Transitioning to Organic in the UP

Organic Transition
“It’s not just about using different products that are organic approved,” said Ben. “You have to understand how the whole system works to stay profitable."

Focusing on Efficiency

Fertility Program, Bio-Cal®
“So far, we’ve seen an increase from 5 to 7 tons per acre. I can see our end goal coming, but it’s just going to take some time.”

Going for More

L-CBF 10-14-1, Fertilizer Blends
“I want to leave the soil in better shape than when I started. I think that’s what a farmer should do."

Farmers Find Forages Profitable

L-CBF TerraFed™, Bio-Cal®
“In areas where L-CBF TerraFed™ was applied, Enzinger could see that the alfalfa was leafier, taller, and more mature.”

Feeding Restaurants

CSA Program
“As farmers, we fundamentally believe getting the soil as healthy as you can is going to create healthy vegetables and healthy people.”

Growing Champion Forages

Fertility Program, Fertilizer Blends, L-CBF BOOST™
“It’s all about improving soil life to get better feed. It takes the stress off the plant and improves the soil structure.”

Building Yields, Soil Health

Fertilizer Blends, Bio-Cal®
Almost all of Gary Manternach’s 640 acres are corn-on-corn, grown successfully and profitably because he follows the healthy-soil concepts he has learned from Midwestern BioAg.

The Farming Pharmacist

Fertility Program
After starting the BioAg program, Tom Scarponcini is getting silage corn with 204-bushel-per-acre yields, his plants are 13 feet tall, and the stalks are thick and green.

Helping Hunger Task Force Feed Those in Need

The farm produces over 800,000 pounds of fresh produce each year, cultivating nearly 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Improving Dairy Profitability

Fertilizer Blends, Bio-Cal®
Working with BioAg consultant Terry Dvorachek, Wayside Dairy saved 13 cents per cow per day on supplemental mineral.

Waking the Soil

In the 1970s, 100-bushel corn yields and 40-bushel soybean yields were the status-quo. Today, he averages 200-bushel corn and 66-bushel soybeans in the short Minnesota growing season.

Better Soil, Bigger Yields

Bio-Cal®, Masters Choice
Before working with BioAg, 125-bushel corn yields on Chad Gleason’s farm were the norm. Since switching to the BioAg program, he isn’t suprised to get 300-bushel corn yields.