Cover Crop Seed Suggestions

Late-Summer or Early Fall Cover Crop Suggestions:

The following mixes can help reduce compaction, improve nutrient holding and effectively scavenge nitrogen from previous nitrogen-fixing crops. Because these recommendations contain crimson clover, they also help fix nitrogen. These two blends can help maximize yields for producers planning to grow corn in the next growing season.

  • Jackson
    – Drilling 6-8 lbs/ac
    – Plant by September 1
  • Nitro
    – Drilling 6-8 lbs/ac
    – Plant by September 1

Early Fall Cover Crop Suggestions:

We recommend planting the following blends after late-season small grain harvest, early season corn and soybean removal or after plowing down alfalfa in the fall. These blends will establish quickly, help reduce compaction and can improve nutrient holding and scavenging. They will also work well as late-fall grazing options. Before planting these blends, ensure soil temperatures are above 52 degrees and air temperatures are above 52 degrees through the long-term forecast to support adequate growth.

  • Springfield
    – Drilling 35-45 lbs/ac
    – Plant by September 20
  • Alamo cover crop blend
    – Drilling 40-50 lbs/ac
    – Plant by September 20

Fall and Late-Fall Cover Crop Suggestions:

Winter triticale and winter rye are excellent cover crop options following late soybean or corn harvest. These blends can overcome late-season planting challenges associated with establishment. Both blends can help secure nutrients following late-season manure application and help reduce runoff in the winter and spring months. Triticale and rye perform exceptionally well in early spring before spring field work can begin, with growth occurring as early as March during a typical season.

  • Winter triticale
    – Drilling 55-65 lbs/ac
    – Plant by October 20
  • Winter rye
    – Drilling 60-80 lbs/ac
    – Plant by November 15

Additional cover crop seed blends are available — please contact your local Midwestern BioAg consultant for more information on product availability, pricing and management advice.