Summer Growth Starts Here

If you’re looking to increase production this year, now is the time to make sure your plants have what it takes to meet their genetic potential. At Midwestern BioAg, we offer unique sidedress, foliar and dry fertility products to turn a strong start into a strong finish. Meet or exceed your yield goals this season with Midwestern BioAg’s balanced crop fertility program.

Sidedress & Foliar Feed with L-CBF Liquid Fertilizers

Made from sugar cane molasses, Liquid Carbon-Based Fertilizer (L-CBF) delivers quality plant nutrients in a carbon base to stimulate soil biology and increase nutrient availability. Add L-CBF to enhance your sidedress program, or foliar feed to forages following cutting to speed regrowth. L-CBF is compatible with most other liquid fertilizers and herbicides and can also help reduce losses to drift.

Dry Fertilizer Blends for High-Performing Forages & Pastures

Our dry fertilizer blends optimize plant growth and forage quality by providing balanced nutrition for your soil and plants. Midwestern BioAg blends go beyond NPK to deliver a balanced supply of calcium, sulfur and trace minerals essential for peak forage performance. Apply Midwestern BioAg’s fertilizer blends to pastures and hay fields at any time support forage production all season.

Bio-Cal® and OrganiCal™ for Improved Plant Health

Our top calcium products, Bio-Cal and OrganiCal, deliver multiple sources of calcium to improve forage yield and quality. Both products can be applied to pastures and hay fields at any time during the growing season to provide both fast-acting and slow-release calcium for higher-yielding, higher-quality forages.

It’s not too late to apply the nutrients needed to help you reach your yield goals. Call your local sales consultant or 800.327.6012 to place your order today.