L-CBF TerraFed™

Stimulate Soil Microbes for Improved NPK Utilization

L-CBF TerraFed™ 1-0-3 is a liquid carbon-based fertilizer derived from sugar cane molasses. It delivers quality plant nutrients in a cane-molasses base to stimulate soil biology in early spring and cycle nutrients in the soil. TerraFed is OMRI-listed for use on organic farms.

Product Characteristics

Stimulate Soil Biology:  TerraFed is 34 percent sugar, which helps stimulate soil microbes and supports plant growth. Microbes help make soil nutrients more plant-available, improve soil structure and speed residue decomposition.

Improved NPK Utilization: Applying TerraFed can provide a safer, more effective and more efficient nutrient utilization of NPK.

Better Forage Quality: TerraFed can increase alfalfa yield and quality, key drivers of profitability.

All Major Crops: TerraFed can be applied to corn, soybeans, alfalfa and small grains. It can be used as a stand-alone starter on corn, soybeans and small grains, and applied foliar to alfalfa in the spring or after cutting. Ask your consultant for more information on dilution rates and application methods.

Compatible: TerraFed is compatible with most other liquid fertilizers. Jar-test before application to ensure compatibility.